Personal Injury

  • Our team represented a client in the Macondo blowout that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in 2008. Signa was deposed and our client was dismissed as a defendant.
  • Signa demonstrated that a service company was not responsible (either by omission or commission) for a personal injury/fatality incurred by a third party.
  • Signa engineers demonstrated that an operator was not responsible for personal injury/fatality after a wellhead was damaged by forklift operator error.
  • Our team investigated casing that fell out of position during makeup. Signa demonstrated the derrick was not centered over the hole, making casing handling hazardous.
  • Signa showed how a failure in a BOP stack element occurred during Managed Pressure Drilling, resulting in a blowout, extensive property damage, and injuries to the crew.

Signa represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants for onshore and offshore cases. Our references and specific case histories are available by request, or return to main litigation page.

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