Total Well Analytics Services

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If your company is relying on the “old way” of doing things, you might not realize the impact analytics can have on your projects. Bottom line, analytics can increase your productive time and minimize nasty surprises. Signa’s On-Demand Analytics (SODA) is a 24-hour, near-real-time diagnostics service that blends oilfield know-how with analytical discovery to give you predictable outcomes. By analyzing your data, SODA can determine if your suspicions are actually true, and answer questions you never even thought to ask.


Near Real-Time Operations Data Insight

A lot of operators and service companies are realizing it is very possible (and affordable) to turn mammoth heaps of information into dollars in their pockets. Signa makes it easy for you with Signa On-Demand Analytics (SODA). SODA monitors and evaluates all your drilling data in near real-time, using drilling informatics and subject matter experts (SMEs) to give you Efficient Solution Options (ESOs).