Wellsite Advisor Competency Evaluation Services

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Consultant Wellsite Advisors are expected to support all aspects of high value drilling and completion field operations in a safe and efficient technological manner. If not proficiently risk-assessed in their duties, they could make decisions that increase operational risk to the project. Signa utilizes our proprietary “Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, & Experience” (KASE) assessment service to help reduce wellsite operational risk for our clients. Consultant Wellsite Advisors are assessed on their technical knowledge, leadership and project management skills, as well as the core values they possess that are critical to their job duties. Signa has identified 12 Core Values through our experiences and operator input that Consultant Wellsite Advisors should possess to be a true professional. The KASE process adds a proactive methodology to help mitigate potential problems before they happen and provide decision-making data that help your managers achieve overall project success through risk management. KASE can be used as a selection process for new Consultant Wellsite Advisors (Selection) or it can be used to evaluate your current Consultant Wellsite Advisors (Evaluation)

Selection / On Boarding

When reviewing resumes to bring on new personnel, Consultant Wellsite Advisors who look good on paper are sometimes not as capable as they appear.  KASE provides a comprehensive, in-depth look at Consultant Wellsite Advisors, much more than the traditional resume can provide.  Signa goes beyond the customary “resumes and references” process by providing candidates that have completed the KASE process and exhibit necessary competency performance criteria.  This includes educational background, personality style, technical and wellsite advisory skills and a core values assessment all of which are essential to perform the duties of a Consultant Wellsite Advisor.


Your current Consultant Wellsite Advisors may already be sufficient, however, in order to better manage your risk at the Consultant Wellsite Advisor position, it is essential to “trust but verify”.  KASE validates the experience and capabilities of your existing personnel.  KASE will identify training needs for your current Consultant Wellsite Advisors, which allows you to focus on specific topics to increase their efficiency.  This helps determine how to best utilize your training budget, assist in schedule coordination, and identify Continuing Professional Education needs.  The resultant quantitative data is valuable to determine the optimal management and placement of your Consultant Wellsite Advisors, whether it be succession planning or placing individuals in positions where they can reach their highest potential.