Casing Failures

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Casing Failures

Tubulars are the lifeline between your downhole resources and the surface. When casing or production strings are mishandled in the field, that lifeline can be severed. Other times, an improperly-drilled well can lead to premature parting. Or, if the tubulars weren’t manufactured up to spec, they can fail despite proper care. Signa engineers analyze the root cause behind casing failures, and then explain the fine details in an easy-to-understand report. A root cause analysis (RCA) might show that drilling issues contributed to the failure. Likewise, a casing failure analysis might expose issues with metallurgy. We spell out the details of the failure in a concise, easy-to-understand report. Our expert witnesses also provide testimony for their opinions in deposition and trial.

Case Histories – Casing Failures

Signa has been represented both plaintiffs and defendants for numerous recent failures of P-110 grade casing and connections. Some were due to manufacturing issues; however, our experts have shown that [...]

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