Drilling (Onshore and Offshore)

Drilling (Onshore and Offshore) 2018-04-29T19:19:43+00:00
Signa engineering drilling onshore offsore

Drilling (Onshore & Offshore)

No matter how deep you plan to drill, you need step-by-step instructions to reduce onsite risks and stay within your AFE. Signa develops drilling programs specific to your location and downhole parameters, not by using a cookie-cutter template. All project phases can be addressed, including: permitting, pressure profiles, directional plans, fluid program, scheduling, costs, cement, and surface equipment layout. We’ve engineered drilling programs for hundreds of operators around the globe. Whether you’re drilling a shallow shale well or a deep horizontal into a sour formation, Signa provides a blueprint to get you safely and efficiently to TD. We handle complete project management, or engineer specific drilling programs and operational procedures for your program. If non-productive time has been an issue, we perform focused Problem Resolution services to get you back on track.