Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

Mr. Rick Stone, P.E., started Signa Engineering Corp. in 1992 and remains as Chairman/CEO. As such, he was involved in the startup of a globally recognized, registered, petroleum engineering company. This included the development (and subsequent protection) of intellectual property unique to Signa. Mr. Stone, along with Executive Vice-President George Medley, P.E., understand the importance of such property to a company’s success. Together, they have worked for numerous operators and service companies with trade secrets that necessitate confidentiality agreements. Likewise, they have represented plaintiffs and defendants in multiple cases involving intellectual property, including expert reports, depositional testimony, and trial appearances.

Case Histories – Intellectual Property

Signa experts provided research that showed theft of trade secrets regarding blowout preventer (BOP) technology. A team of Signa engineers and graphics specialists reviewed several multilateral drilling processes to determine [...]

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