Twisted Oak Operating and Signa Engineering Alliance

Twisted Oak Operating and Signa Engineering Alliance 2020-06-23T11:11:16-05:00

Distressed or newly acquired energy properties could benefit from Twisted Oak Operating/Signa Engineering alliance

Services to include M&A Due Diligence, Asset Management and Complete Well Engineering Services, including Registered Professional Engineers

Oklahoma’s Twisted Oak Operating LLC and Houston’s Signa Engineering Corp. announced a strategic alliance that holds promise for fossil fuel lenders with newly-acquired oil and gas properties or businesses distressed by the current financial climate. The alliance also provides answers to anyone considering merger or acquisition deals.

Twisted Oak’s oil and gas production operation services, coupled with Signa’s well engineering/execution experience, provides a fully-integrated solution to asset management and well engineering needs.

Twisted Oak Operating has extensive experience in low-cost production operations, and expertise in all required permits, negotiation of JOAs, MSAs, all legal and insurance requirements, production accounting, JIB management, operating gas gathering, SWD systems, and environmental assessments.

For 28 years, Signa Engineering has provided drilling engineering and operational support for challenging wells around the world, including domestic onshore horizontal/extended reach wells. Signa also conducts due diligence and project management assessments for operators and financial institutions.

Jim Allen, President of Twisted Oak Operating stated, “Our alliance provides clients with a “one-stop” solution for optimizing profits of their oil and gas properties. Due to our collective experience, we bring an unparalleled synergy to solving issues, especially during times of uncertain global oil supply and demand.”

“The net result of our alliance is a complete package for managing your energy assets,” said Signa’s Chairman and CEO, Charles R. “Rick” Stone. “We provide a complete suite of operating and engineering services for whatever oil and gas requirement you have.” The alliance presents operator of record status and professional engineering for asset analysis and maintenance of value.

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