Personal Injury

Case Histories – Personal Injury

  • We represented a client in the Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2008. Our expert was deposed and our client was dismissed as a defendant.
  • We demonstrated a service company was not responsible (either by omission or commission) for a personal injury/fatality incurred by a third party.
  • We showed an operator was not responsible for personal injury/fatality after a wellhead was damaged by forklift operator error.
  • We investigated casing that fell out of position during makeup and showed the derrick was not centered over the hole, making casing handling hazardous.
  • We showed how failure of a BOP stack element occurred during Managed Pressure Drilling, resulting in a blowout, extensive property damage, and injuries to the crew.
  • Our expert testified at trial to demonstrate how an injury was not caused by the client or client’s equipment during tripping operations at the rig site.
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